Windows 7 share printer over IPSec VPN

Customer has an IPSec VPN tunnel between two routers linking site A to Site B. User at Site B is using SBS 2003 Remote Web Workplace on XP Pro sp3 to access Windows 7 Pro at site A. Windows 7 workstation was recently installed to replace XP Pro sp3 workstation at site A. RWW is working without any issues.
In the past we were able to send print jobs over VPN tunnel from site A to site B. Printer located at site B was installed as a network printer at site A workstation. Since installing new Win 7 workstation this is not working. I can ping from Win 7 to XP machine but not from XP to Win 7.

Suspect Win 7 firewall or network sharing issue. Site A is a domain. Site B is a workgroup. New to Windows 7.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Look in Control Panel -> Network and Sharing center. Select Change advanced sharing options. Look in Home or Work and review the options there. Generally you can loosen these up. Make sure you retain the setting to require user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers.

Also, check the firewall you use to make sure the IP range at the other end is permitted.

My own Windows 7 Pro machine will print through an IPSec VPN tunnel.

... Thinkpads_User
rettif9ManagerAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry I misled you. I was able to ping from XP Pro to Win 7 but not from Win 7 to XP Pro. I have identified the problem by disabling the AVG firewall on XP pro machine. I will need to configure an exception in the firewall but for now I'm relying on the router firewall. I'm closer but I still can't print. I just ran the add printer wizard in Win 7  using \\IPaddress of XP workstation\[shared_printer_name] the wizard downloaded the driver and seemed to complete successfully but then displayed stop error 0x000006be. A google search indicated a problem with the spooler service. Spooler service is set to automatic. I've tried net stop spooler, net start spooler on both workstations. I also tried navigating to adminTools->services and stop/start spooler service. no joy so I rebooted both workstations. Ran Wizard again, same problem... still looking

- rettif9
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks and good luck to you going forward.  Post another question if need be. ... Thinkpads_User
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