Why is flash not displaying the toolbar on this training website?

I'm an administrator over several users on a Server2003 (MS XP). The PC's all use WindowsXP Pro SP2.

The problem I'm having is that many of my users are unable to complete their training through a website that uses flash to teach the material. The flash "navigation" bar is suppose to be displayed at the bottom of the screen the whole time so users can advance to the next chapter and so forth. This navigation bar is not there! (but the training plays just fine.)

Question: What is disabling this navigation bar from displaying within this flash video and how do I resolve it?

What I know:

1. The problem does not exist on all the PC's, but most of them.

2. The problem only exist when a user uses SmartCard authentication to log into their domain account. (if logged in as a local administrator account on the box, the training works properly.)

3. Using a different browser does not resolve the problem. We have tried IE6 and IE7.

My theory is that some kind of "policy" is in effect once the user authenticates with the server that is blocking features of flash-player... Can anyone think of anything?!
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Nenad RajsicCommented:
perhaps your flash file is trying to perform actions which non admin accounts can't handle? non admin users can't configure flash player to store files on a local machine. also check your cookie settings within your flash player's options. if you change them while logged in as admin the changes made should reflect to all the users on a particular workstation regardless of if they have admin rights or not.

If your flash file is requiring 3rd party cookies to work then restricted users won't be able to access that content unless you change their settings
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
To test that theory, which is a good one, you can log into the machine locally WITHOUT admin rights and see if the training video will run.
zboxAuthor Commented:
the admin rights theory is ruled out. I am having the problem going through the training myself and I am an administrator.

When I use a admin username/password to log into the local administrator account of a box, the training always works. but whenever smart card is used and logs onto through the domain is when the options in flash are missing.

I want to clarify, this is not a flash file of my own, it is from a training website. You click the link and it launches the training in a seperate IE window. The navigation bar is not there, it is just all black where the bar is suppose to be, but the video plays and sound is heard as normal.

I have all the machines under the same group policy, so a real mystery is how some of them are actually not affected.

*if i re-image a box, then it will start working properly even when logged into domain through smart card authentication...

(((CONSIDER THIS ALSO))) (before you respond)
- there is another symptom from other websites I'm noticing that could help get to the bottom of this.. Some websites links that you click on will take you to a new window or page but it is all white and nothing ever appears. As if something to do with active X being blocked or restricted... could this be related because that is another big problem..

thanks for response, keep them coming!
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
I would do a GPRESULT and see what USER based GPOs are being applied.  Machine GPOs should be applied as a matter of course by being in the domain.    Do you have any user defined GPOs?
zboxAuthor Commented:
DrUltima, I just saw your suggestion, and I will look into that definitely.

However, in the meantime I've uncovered some new information. If I rename the user profile (just add a "1" to the name) and reboot and have them log in it creates a new profile. This method seems to resolve the problem and the training from the website link works properly.

However, it would be most helpful to know WHY and HOW the profile(s) are being corrupted..

What setting or registry key affects how flash player is used or displayed?


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