PHP not loading MySQL extensions in IIS

Hope someone can help here.

I have Win server 2003 SP2 with IIS 6.0 installed.  For various reasons I need this server to handle both ASP & PHP pages.

I have successfully installed PHP v5.2.13(zip) & MySQL v5.1.45(msi).  I can run basic PHP scripts and I can connect to the database with a MySQL Workbench.  I just can't get PHP to load the MySQL extension.  I have searched this forum and the internet all afternoon and everything seems to be set right - PHP just doesn't load the xtn.

- I am using the PHP libmySQL.dll file, path of c:\php at the front of everything else in the environment path.
- I know the extension directory is correct because when I uncomment/comment mssql that module appears/disapears in the phpinfo() test page I'm running.

Will happily post anything up here to help, but don't know where to start looking.
Thanks all.
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Hi dchoxford,

Kindly install xampp latest version. Apache server support both ASP and PHP.

xampp download path below...
dchoxfordAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kumaranmca, I wasn't sure about the ASP bit - it doesn't seem to support VBScript which I thought we used, however our web developer is happy therefore so am I.
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