iPhone not getting all emails from Google Apps

I have a client that has Google Apps for their domain.  One user has an iPhone and is complaining that their email is not staying sync'd.  They get some emails but not all of them.  I removed the sync account from the phone and then added it again.  The initial sync worked but still the same results.  The Calendar and Contacts seem to stay sync'd it is just email.  We are using the ActiveSync like we were connecting to an Exchange server.  That is the recommended way from what I have been told.  The iPhone is a 3G with the current software.  It doesn't matter if it is connected via Edge, 3G, or WiFi.  Everything was working fine and just started acting up the last couple weeks.  There is another user that has a Blackberry with no issues getting his email for the same Google Apps domain.
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LiberatingInsightAuthor Commented:
I ended up turning the Mail Sync portion of the Active Sync off and manually creating a 2nd connection via IMAP and that seems to be keeping my mail in sync.  Not sure at all what happened.  Don't know if it is a Google or an Apple issue but at least this is a work around.
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