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Iam building a simple search page where I want to display the results in repeater in a modal pop up.

So when the user selects certain criteria and presses the search button, instead of going to a different page to show the search results I would like it to show the results in a modal pop up and in the repeater displaying the results , one column will be a link, clicking on the link should take me to a details page.

Can some point me in the right direction.

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I looked at the video. In the video, he is doing everything on the client side using javascript. In your case you want to do it on the server side. You dont need to use the ModalPopUp extender and the panel as the modal pop up as he has suggested.

You could design your pop up as aspx page and from the server side of linkbutton of the main page you could launch the pop aspx page as a modal window using java script as mentioned in the articles i sent above.

Hope I am clear.
AJagadishAuthor Commented:
I was looking at this example .. a very simple example.

You can download the code from this page as well.. Now what iam trying to accomplish is some thing like this .. as you can see in the example. IF the user clicks the link it opens up a modal pop up.

In my case I would like the Modal pop up to show only after a server side event has been fired.

For example, if I click on the link, I created a LinkButton1_Click event which would probably insert a database record.

After that event fires, i would like to show the results in the modal pop up box.

Is that possible ?

Yes that is possible. Even in that case you have do it through "JavaScript" as mentioned above. The only difference is that you have to call the javascript from code behind.

check this example
AJagadishAuthor Commented:
I found a better solution
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