How to Run Windows 7 Media Center in Windows 7 as a HyperV Guest

I am testing migrating my physical media center to a HyperV guest...
I have been able to setup the following HyperV guests on a server box with NO SOUND card:

1.  Windows Vista Ultimate with Media center -All works perectly with a HP X280n Extender
2. Windows 7 Professional with Media Center - Firewall issues prevented extender discovery - OK, disabled firewall and that was resolved.  When all appears well, extender canot play any recorded TV-  Application faiure message - restart Media Center, or contact hardware vendor (I do not have the exact message at the office, but will posst it later tonight)

I notice on the Win 7 VPC,  "No output device message" appears in sound control panel.  
Would the lack of sound card in the server  be causing a problem playing recorded TV on the extender?  

This is NOT the case with Vista Ultimate.  

My CETON card arrives in June and want to have my transition plan locked down by them, and since CETON requires Windows 7, if I do not resolve this issue, I need to stick with Vista and use the HD Homerun cablecard vs the CETON card.

Any Ideas?
 (I will post the exact error message later, but thougth someone would have an idea regarding Windows 7)

I have allocated 4 CPUS, and 4 GB ram to the Windows 7 Guest.  I saw a post where the media center Recorded TV allocation exceed the available space, and gave similiar error message.  I have 20 GB free on the VHD and told Media center to use 5 GB, so that did not solve my problem

All integration services have beeen installed.
(also disappointed MSFT disabled the New Internet content in Windows 7 for extenders, Boxee will not work on extenders, and no easy way to add RSS feeds in the interface.  I use VmcPlayit - Any others using a better solution for extenders?)

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MrAutomateAuthor Commented:
Ok, here is the message, and further testing revealed other anonolies:

Error APPLICATION FAILURE A critical Windows Media Center process has failed.

I am able to watch LIVE TV.  If I switch to Recorded TV and watch a recorded show recorded from VISTA, ie , DVR-MS, I get the above message, and am not able to then watch Live TV, or I get the same message.  If I go to recorded TV and watch a show I recorded under Windows 7, .WTV, the show plays, and then I can switch to LIVE TV no problems.  I can watch certain DVR-MS files, ie, golden eye, AS a MOVIE while other  DVR-MS files do not play and result in the above error.  If I try to watch any recorded TV other than the 1 new recording made by Windows 7, I get the above error.

It almost seems like a Codec, which Media center does not need installed seperately .  

Any Ideas?

What does your event log show? The error is too generic to really get to the root of the problem.

click start
enter: eventvwr.msc
Click continue or yes if prompted
Look in the Application log for any errors specific to your problem and post the information from the event log.

MrAutomateAuthor Commented:
Ok, sorry it took a while ....there are a few, and I am only posting the unique errors:

Log Name:      Media Center
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-Media Center Extender
Date:          4/11/2010 3:49:16 PM
Event ID:      602
Task Category: Digital Rights Management
Level:         Error
User:          S-1-5-21-1827603483-991320682-2514588981-1003
Computer:      Win7
Windows Media Center Extender encountered a DRM failure.

Area: 1
Error: Unknown HResult Error code: 0x8004b822
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Media Center Extender" Guid="{7B7838A3-6562-4269-BB7A-97B0D9593882}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2010-04-11T19:49:16.091937200Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="2632" ThreadID="4696" />
    <Channel>Media Center</Channel>
    <Security UserID="S-1-5-21-1827603483-991320682-2514588981-1003" />
    <Data Name="Area">1</Data>
    <Data Name="Error">-2147174366</Data>

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MrAutomateAuthor Commented:
gemarti: - I attached a text file with 2 other erorrs.
I want to make sure I fully understand your problem before I try to make suggestions and solve this problem. I apologize for the number of questions.

1. As a test you want to migrate a machine running W7MC to a virtual machine and as I understand you have done just that; correct?
2. Does the original W7MC work with the extender?
3. We are only trying to resolve the problem with the W7MC VPC and the HP X280n?
4. Are your running the 32bit or 64bit version of W7MC VPC?
5. Did you install the HP MediaSmart software and authorize Windows Media Player to to share media with the connector?
6. Is your Vista system running at the same time the W7MC VPC is running and is it trying to stream media to the HP X280n? It looks to me like you be trying to do this since based on your follow up message on 4/13/10. TRY SHUTTING DOWN THE VISTA MACHINE and see if you can watch both recorded TV or Live TV.
7. Is your W7MC VPC in a home network or private network? It should be in a private network if it isn't.
8. Have you verified that Hyper-V will pass-through your tuner card? I have read that this isn't supported but can't find the link right now.

As for the errors you posted you may want to make sure your devices are not set to power down after a certain period of inactivity; especially your video and NIC, and your hard drives.

You may also want to set the recovery mode in your Windows-Media-Center Services to "restart upon failure" as many times as you can.

I really think that the error with event ID 508 in the text document you posted is the result of one of your machines already having access to your controller thus your second machine cannot connect. The other error in that text document dealing with "Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-EventTracing/Admin" may be occuring because the Windows-Media-Services don't know how to deal with the connectivity issue; again this is because the HP X280n doesn't support multiple connections from different devices.

I'm not sure how much help I'll be but two heads are better than one and I'll stick with this as long as you do.

MrAutomateAuthor Commented:
Anwers in order, and a new discovery last night:
1.   This is not a migrate, but a new virtual PC running Win7
2.  My x280N runs perfectly with my production VISTA ULTIMATE machine
3.  We are looking to resovle the Win7 Media access with the x280N
4. running 64bix of Windows 7
5.  Yes, Media player was configured to share to the X280N, as well as all new devices automitically.
6.  The vista machine is running at the same time, but connected to a different x280N, so no clonflict there.
7.  Need to check on the private vs home...
8.  Since the Ceton card is not out yet, I cannot test yet, but, the VPC can see the HD homerun , as can the extender connected to the VPC.  I may go the HDhomerun route vs the ceton card.

My new findings - While the x280N could see files that resided on my current vista media center \\den\recorded tv, when I selected then , was when I got the application error.  Last night, I manually added the share, WITH credentials that the DEN machine recognizes.  Viola, all shows played fine.

This confused me, because on the DEN\Recorded TV share, I DID do authenticated AND anonymous users, which SHOULD have done the trick, right?

So, some difference between Vista Ultimate, and window7 regarding file permissions, when the default share discovery is used to add library content.....I am ok, and not that curios to test that further...
So, all apears to be ok.  As the time nears fir the HD Homerun release, I will know more regarding the decesion path of what product to buy.  When I have up and running, i will post the results.  Thanks for all of your assistance, and I will check the private vs home.  

Curious, so I above puling out hair, why will the network type matter?   Thanks again!
...Curious, so I above pulling out hair, why willl the network type matter? Thanks again!...

I think you'll find the answer here in this reference document (under Private Location heading):

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