Multiple Cisco Aironet root access points for same SSID without encryption

This question is extremely similar to the one linked as "related solution". Basically same scenario, I need to cover an enormous area (think airport lobby or small football stadium) however the network is going to be completely open no encryption or key of any type. In this case is the proper setup to use the same SSID on all WAP's and leave them set to use "Least Congested Frequency"? I would assume setting up the WDS (as mentioned in the previous Q&A) to pass along clients information who have already authenticated is useless as there is no authentication. I want to ensure that someone walking from one end to the other will stay connected once they have walked within range of the next WAP rather than having to click connect again. The model of all the WAPs are Aironet 1130 AG.
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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Just setup the APs with the same SSID and spread them around to get get the best coverage just make sure they arn't accessible for configuration from the WiFi as this will be a security problem.  You should configure the APs with a seperate VLAN for the WiFi and not assign IPs to the APs on the WiFi VLAN but only on the wired VLAN.

I have built outdoor networks with from 2 to 12000 access points. The largest Cisco one was  300+ though.

Engineer your network to use the non-overlapping channels and tre to keep any access points on the same channel from seeing each other.  You may have to get creative on antennas.

If you are using Lightweight APs with a controller, the controller will do a somewhat job of selecting frequencies for you. If they aew not LWAPPS then you will have to use your noggin to figure out the best channel plan.
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