Create Stored Procedure Wizard

In SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager I used to use the "Create Stored
Procedure Wizard" all the time to create INSERT and UPDATE stored
procedures.  While it was not perfect it was a very quick way of creating
simple stored procedures and only a few minor changes were required with
simple inserts and updates.
I am fairly new to the SQL Server 2008 edition, but I cannot seem to find a
quick way of creating an INSERT or UPDATE stored procedure.  If I say have
10 or 20 input parameters it seems to take an age to manually find out their
Data Type, Size etc and type in manually, let alone the actual statement

Is there any easy way to create simple INSERT and UPDATE stored procedures
in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio?

YampolkaValeriya YampolskaAsked:
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to create a template stored procedure press Ctrl+ALT+T which opens the Template Explorer. In here you will find templates for creating SPs.

To get the code to INSERT or UPDATE a given table, expand the database, then tables in the Object Explorer (on the left pane by default). Right-click on the table you want to make an SP for and do Script Clipboard

you can then paste this code into your SP and edit as required.

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YampolkaValeriya YampolskaAuthor Commented:
Thank you , but you know in SQL 2000 it was more comfortable.  It generated all list of parameters for me.
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