RemoteApp VS SaaS VS Cloud?

This is more of a theory question, then a tech question:

I have a winform app (WPF, or Traditional let's say)

If I use citrix to push this app over the web, or let's say use windows 2008 R2 remote app, does that qualify my application as a SaaS? Isn't it running in the cloud? Why spend 6 months re-writing it for a browser when I know my client base would never use a public computer to run the application? I recieve a lot of push back on the idea of providing applications via remoteapp or citrix and wonder if I am missing something?
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AndyBeardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Couldn't you use

Then you are "in the cloud" and you kill the objection

I don't know their Enterprise pricing but you might find it agreeable and also easier to scale.
melegant99Author Commented:
thanks for the pointer..I will check it out.
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