Convert Excel file data into PIPE delimited file

Previously when I had Excel 2002 , i was able to save as pipe ( | ) delimited file. Now since we were upgraded to Excel 2007 I am unable to save the excel file to pipe delimited anymore, i can only save as comma separated file (csv). Does anyone know how to create a pipe delimited file from excel 2007 directly ?
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Ken ButtersCommented:
See this site:

you can go to
1 ) Control Panel
2) Select Regional and Language Options
3) click on Customize
4) change List Separator from comma to pipe

Then you can save file as CSV in excel, and it will use pipe as the delimiter.
vemi007Author Commented:
I went ahead and changed the list separator to "|" , I then opened a xlsx file and saved it as a csv file. I still see commas as delimiter not the pipe. Do I have to reboot my PC ?
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You would definitely need to restart Excel - not sure if you had done that or not?
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Ken ButtersCommented:
You may very well have to reboot your pc.... because this is a windows change... not just an excel change.
vemi007Author Commented:
I have restarted excel , logged off my PC and finally rebooted the PC. None of it is helping, when i open the xlsx file in excel 2007 and then save as csv file, it is still saving it using commas. Tried multiple times with same result.
Ken ButtersCommented:
It seems to work fine for me. Just to go over the steps to make sure we are doing the same thing....

First :
go back into regional settings to make sure that your delmiter has been saved correctly as a pipe.  ---- "|"
1) Open your original excel file
2) Select "Save As"
3) Select "Other Formats"
4) Now you should be in the "Save As" dialog box.   Here in the bottom of the window... in the "Save as Type" dropdown.... select "CSV (Comma delimited)(*.CSV)
5) Hit the save Button
6) Open the .csv file with wordpad or notepad (or your favorite editor) to view the results.  Your file should be delimited with pipes instead of commas.
Ken ButtersCommented:
Additional note.... in order to switch back and forth between a comma and a pipe... I did not have to reboot my machine.  ----I am running windows xp.
vemi007Author Commented:
yes I exactly followed those steps, please check the screenshots as well.. it is not working for me here .. very weird
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Open in new window

Ken ButtersCommented:
This may be a long shot... but after you have your regional settings changed to a pipe...  can you check the following registry setting?

Verify that sList had changed to "|"

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International
vemi007Author Commented:
yes it is.
Ken ButtersCommented:
One more thing to check.... in excel...

Select excel options / Advanced
then in the first section labeled : "Editing Options"...
I have "Use system separators checked"....

vemi007Author Commented:
Yes I have that checked too.
Ken ButtersCommented:
Sorry.... everything I researched... seemed to indicate that should work... I'm afraid I'm out of ideas...
vemi007Author Commented:
its ok , thanks anyway..appreciate your time

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