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Cicso Unified Call Manager

Hi every one,

I need to develop a billing application for CISCO IP Telephony server. I surfed the internet and I found that there is a software called a CISCO Unified Call Manager (many versions!!!) and many articles describing how to send a XML query to communicate with it.

But, I do not know where to begin?!!

- Do I have to download the CUCM software, or there are an available VM for it.
- Is the CUCM part of the standard system, or it is a separate part.
- Is it simple to develop such application for this purpose? Or it is a complicated procedure and I have to get a ready-made engine?
- What is the deference between these versions?

It will be better if anyone explained the whole process of the CISCO IP telephony, starting from the box (hardware) to the CUCM

Thank you
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Are you serious? Ther are probably no less than 5000 pages of information on Cisco.com. There are ready-made billing applications that are already certified to use with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.  CUCM is "the" application. It already has call accounting and reporting features built in.
Check our CAR

No, it is not available as a VM. You "can" create your own VM and install - if you have an original install DVD and a license file.
I would assume you would want to create the application for the current shipping version of CUCM which is now version 8.0

Here is a very popular call accounting application called VXTracker

Cisco publishes xml developers guides for each version. Here is 8.0 reference

hazemfadlAuthor Commented:

Thank you Irmoore for your reply, it is realy helped me much ...

The issue here that I have to control the IPTelephony from my ASP.Net application (using Webservice or any other way) as I have a client requested a unified interface to control all the available devices in the building (Multi-Tenant Application) and the IP Telephony is the problem because I did not find any articles describing how to use the API though I found a ready- made mediators like "NovaTec TransNova® S3", but I need to control the CISCO IP Tel natively from within the application for provisioning and billing cycle control purpose (Activation, de-activation, Add/remove service, add extension, ... etc).
I read the document you sent in you reply, but I have (2) questions:
1-   XML Developers Guides: Is it for communicating with CUCM or to communicate with CISCO IP Tel server?
Sorry for this if it is a stupid question, but I have to confirm this clearly.

2-    Can I develop my own functions to control all the features of the CISCO IP Tel without using any third party applications or engine, just by using XML Guide and VS2008? This is the most important question.

Thank you again for your reply ….
>Is it for communicating with CUCM or to communicate with CISCO IP Tel server?
Just to be clear, CUCM is the IP Telephony server.

>Can I develop my own functions to control all the features
It has its own web interface to control all of the features, so I'm not sure why you want to re-invent the wheel here, but the programmer guide seems to have the information needed to write your own interface to the api..
Other than that, I can't help much. I'm not a programmer or developer, but I install and manage CUCM's all the time.
You also have to be aware that all versions of CUCM prior to 5.0 are Windows based and everything 5.0 and later are Linux based.
hazemfadlAuthor Commented:
Thank you ...
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