When you open a docx file from an email attachment it does not always open

When you open a docx file from an email attachment it does not always open. Sometimes it opens and immediately flashes and a blank document appears. If you save the file and doubleclick the docx file it opens (converts).
We currently have Office XP installed with the 2007 Compatibility Converter installed.
Has anybody seen this...
If this is a known issue, I am looking for an article showing that the preferred way is to not open the attachment from email but saving the file first and then opening the file.

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This could be a lot of things...faulty add-on within outlook (solution: re-install outlook), virus infection (solution:...), possibly be a pending hardware failure (HDD or RAM that's failing can cause all kinds of weirdness).  

I'm reluctant to say that it's the compatibility tool at this stage until all of the above have been checked.
Sounds like a permissions issue within outlook.  Johnnie, when you say "it does not always open", do you mean you can try opening the same attachment many times, and say 1 out of 4 times it doesn't open?
Johnnie_EAuthor Commented:
Different attachments and while on the same machine it works and some days it does not work. I even sent him the same file that I know works and should open.
Forgot to include that this is happening on several  Citrix Servers, the OS is Windows 2003
Have you opened task manager when this happens, looked and closed WORD.EXE and then tried opening the attachment again?
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