Linksys RV082 and QuickVPN Client errors

The customer has been using Linksys QuickVPN v1.2.11 for offsite connection to their network through their Linksys RV082 v2.0.0.19-tm router for several months without any problems.  No changes have been made on the router or on the network.

Last week the customer started having intermittant connection errors with the VPN - this week they can not connect at all.  The computers are running XP and Vista.

I have been trouble shooting the connection error with a XP SP3 laptop running Linksys QuickVPN using an Ethernet connection - I was able to connect through the RV082 to the customer's network previously.  I am receiving the same error as the customer, which is the Connection Error window listing 5 possible reasons for the failure to establish a connection.

The Linksys RV082 log is showing the following entry when I try to connect:
  Connection Refused - Policy violation         TCP> on ixp1

When I disable the RV082 firewall, I am able to connect via Linksys QuickVPN.  Testing with the customer from their satellite office produces the same results.

I have reinstalled the Linksys VPN client, removed the recent MS Updates from my laptop and disabled the laptop firewall.  The connection results are the same - Connection Refused Policy violation unless the RV082 firewall is disabled.
I have elimated the 5 possible reasons listed on in the Connection Error popup.
1. Incorrect Password - the password works when the RV082 firewall is disabled.
2. No valid IP for the network card - the connection works when the RV082 firewall is disabled
3. Incorrect server address - the connection works when the RV082 firewall is disabled
4. You may need to disable your Windows firewall - no difference in connection results
5. Local IP address conflicts with the subnet of the remote VPN Server - the RV082 LAN IP is 192.168.4.x - my laptop is using 192.168.20.x  or - again I can connect if the RV082 firewall is disabled.

I am not able to find newer firmware for the router or a new QuickVPN version.  

Any suggestion for solution ?

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Reset the router using the button usually located on the back.
Have you added the ports to be allowed through the RV082.
eml1953Author Commented:
Yes I did add the ports 443 and 60443 both TCP and UDP to be allowed on WAN 1 - had the same errors.
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Also ports 1701, 1723, and 500
eml1953Author Commented:
Will try the extra ports and report results
eml1953Author Commented:
Resetting the router to factory default and reconfiguring it worked - no access rultes were needed. Thanks
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