Palm Calender Missing Appointments After Profile was reset

We recently had an issue that forced us to re-create  user on a workstation (part of a domain). The user used to use a Palm Desktop for his calendar. We reinstalled the palm desktop, and imported every DBA file we could find from his previous profile. I enabled all views, and still appointments in the future are missing. I have imported every DBA file he had, and still no resolve. I am sure i am looking at ALL catagories.

How can I show these missing appointments? What am I missing?

(The Palm itself is not available for HotSync)

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So it is showing all appointments prior to the machine rebuild? Just not anything after the date of the rebuild?

Were these items password protected (marked as "Private") through the desktop application? The software will delete any "private" records if the password is lost or reset.

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Majo2469Author Commented:
Thank for the reply. He said that he did not use any passwords to protect any of his data pertaining to the palm.

You are correct with your statement. I can see everything up to the 22nd of this month. However, after this month there is nothing.

Majo2469Author Commented:
All items were restored, however the Palm didnt sync anything after the events listed. There actully was no issue. but the answer was great.

Glad it worked out. :)
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