Networking with server 2008

I have a windows server 2008 box, with dual onboard nic's.
Both were setup with dhcp, that was reserved via the linksys router.
The first nic was reserved with our baseline IP address .145
The Other nic, was being used as the network bridge for the several virtual hosts that were installed on the server via Sun Virtual Box.

Sunday night I encountered several errors while trying to make some adjustments.

As of Late Sunday night connection went out, and essentially I had to rebuild the setup, however I'm running into some issues.

1st connectivity seems flakey.  And I cannot ping the baseline IP address .145.  I am pretty sure that I am forgetting a setting, or have failed to do something here but cannot for the life of me figure it out.

2nd when I attempt to bridge the virtual adapter connections to the 2nd LAN connection as I did before the 1st connection taps out, and goes to 'local only'.  I read that this is because of Windows itself?

I guess my question is, where/how would I set up the primary nic to be the baseline ip .145 again from within a firewall.   And then route the additional traffic to the other nic?

***We have comcast business with a brick of 5 IP addresses, .145-.150 respectively.  The comcast modem goes to our router (a Linksys) that then controls DHCP, etc. in the dhcp settings of the router I have reserved a mac address/internal ip to each of the servers on board nics (there are only the 2)  and I have been using one to one NAT for the other IP addresses in the brick.  Which usually correspond to one of several virtual hosts.***

I'm trying to narrow down the variables and either rule out operator error, bad settings, or physical damage.
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IllyankeshAuthor Commented:
My router settings did not change, except it looks like one of the MAC addresses going to the second NIC on the server was incorrect... I changed it to the correct MAC address so that dhcp would always assign the second nic that IP address...  but they are on the same subnet so that is part of the problem right?
Darius GhassemCommented:
If you are using any Virtual services then the NICs should be set to static. Why are you using 2 NICs? Make sure you have the Binding order set correctly.

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IllyankeshAuthor Commented:
Ahh, ok.  Then I can designate a different subnet? or do I have to do that.

The onboard has two nics, one of the virtual hosts is our email router, and so I wanted to separate the traffic.  Binding order?  
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Darius GhassemCommented:
You should use 1 NIC for Host management then the second NIC for Virtual Machines only. Just set the IPs to static.
IllyankeshAuthor Commented:
Ahh.... ok.
So NIC 1 should have static ip, gateway is the router yes?  Since i'm not using the server for dhcp, domain controller or any of that.
NiC 2 static again, and then bridge all the virtual connections to that.

They don't need to be on separate subnets or anything?
Darius GhassemCommented:
IllyankeshAuthor Commented:
ok, so that didn't work.  i set both nic's for static ip's, and that still failed.  I set one.  then created the bridge with one of the virtual adapters, and the second connection.  That failed, and reset the static ip to dhcp.  So putting the correct ip back into the bridge settings and restarting the machine also had no effect.
I'm changing one adapter to a different ip address that is outside the range of the dhcp block.  As the next step.
Darius GhassemCommented:
Just go with 1 NIC totally for testing.
IllyankeshAuthor Commented:
ok, so changing the one nic to a low ip address outside of the dhcp block worked.  I can get out with both virtual machines, and the main server as well all at the same time.  yay.  What is weird is that the bridge, and the virtual adapters show as unspecified.  
and in the weird department, the dhcp designation for my mail server has changed.  So once I changed the mac/ip designation, and the one to one NAT to reflect the new IP address we are good to go.

Thanks man the static IP did the trick...  It is also worthy to note that when I showed up today the comcast guy was here, and essentally replaced a bunch of cable, and had to do a fresh drop due to other errors.

Seems like a plethora of errors that got hacked through, and my initial blowing away of the NIC card settings didnt help
IllyankeshAuthor Commented:
Multiple nics, need to be static.  There was further complication due to my monkeying with the virtual hosts while trying to wrap them up as services.  During the Process I finally got the service wrapper to work, but couldn't connect.  I couldn't connect due to network errors, by the ISP, NOT the service wrapper.  However as I was still connected remotely there was no reason to think that anything was amiss.  It wasn't until later that I realized there was a serious problem.  Which took 2 separate visits by said ISP to solve the actual problem.  Once the connection was solid, it was just a matter of troubleshooting and rebuilding the initial network settings, with some tweaks and adjustments to recreate the network.
However without a starting point of the static IP's and the ISP service there was no way to troubleshoot out of this mess, and narrow down the variables.
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Windows Server 2008

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