Print Excel 2003 chart in Excel 2007

We have many spreadsheets created in excel 2003 that have charts that were created on separate sheets from the data.  When we open them in Excel 2007 we cannot print.  If you select print preview a blank page appears.  

Also when the original data (on sheet1) is selected, and you go to the insert page to create a new chart, the charts are all greyed out.

converting the file to Excel 2007 does not resolve any of the issues.

The most important thing is to print the chart.  We can copy the original data to a new workbook and recreate the charts, but thats very time consuming.  Is there a faster resolution to this?
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If the type of chart is incompatible with Excel 2007 there is a chance that what you see when you open the file in excel is simply an image representation of the chart and not the actual chart.

Background images do not print in Excel 2007, It may be that if your chart is set as background it will not work print either.
vwchristopherDirectorAuthor Commented:
Is there any way to find out what it is?  The user isn't going to know and we don't have Excel 2003 on any systems anymore.
I did a little experimenting and unfortunately I do not see any way right off that you can tell what type of chart it was in 2003.
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Can you see and edit the chart on the sheet even if it does not show up on print preview?
vwchristopherDirectorAuthor Commented:
yes, editing the original data changes the charts (there are more than one).
I am sorry I do not think that what I am suggesting is the problem then.

Did you check to make sure the chart is included in the print area? It would be best if no print area where set.

Let me do a little more testing and see if I can decide what else would make a chart not print.
vwchristopherDirectorAuthor Commented:
The print area in page set up is greyed out, as are many other items in tabs, such as almost everything in data.
Is the file opening in read only mode (it should say this in the application title bar if it is)?

Is the sheet or workbook protected?

I don't know what type of content is in the file but would it be the type of thing that you could attach a copy of so that I could see what you are talking about? I understand perfectly if you do not want to share the file for privacy reasons.
vwchristopherDirectorAuthor Commented:
No to both.  I have attached a file that I changed the numbers and name of (to protect the innocent).

Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Click the Office button, then Excel Options. Select the Advanced section, scroll about half way down and in the 'Display options for this workbook' section change the 'For objects, show:' option to 'All'. You should then be able to Preview just fine. Repeat for any other workbook having this problem.


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I am sorry I had to be out of the  office for a moment.

Thanks for the attachment that help me out. But I don't know what to tell you. It must be some sort of computer or application problem or setting. The file opened up just fine in my office 2007 and all the charts show up perfectly in print preview.
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
I've tested your workbook on 2 PCs with XL2007 installed and I see the behaviour you describe on both of them. The solution I posted above fixes the problem on both too. (since it's a setting saved with the workbook, I'm actually surprised that ThinkerIV doesn't have the same issue to be honest)
Mine print previewed just fine as it was. However doing what rorya said did enable the grayed out options. He deserves his title.

Thanks to you rorya
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