Linking Photos within SSRS 2008

I have created a report using SSRS 2008 that points back to SQL tables and published it through to SharePoint.  In the report I have several products listed on the rows and on the columns I have Cost, Price, etc.  What I want to do is to add a column that has a picture of that particular product in.

I have a folder with the pictures on the physical SSRS server and I also have a column already created in the database that can be used to link to the product photo.

Basically I guess what I’m looking for is how I need to have the path to the photo show up in the SQL table in order for me to link that table in the SSRS report and have the picture show instead of it currently showing #Error?

So far the searches I have done only show me how to add a static photo to a report, like a logo etc., but nothing so far to show how to make the column reference a path to show a picture of the product.
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Look at the Product Catalog example in the AdventureWorks samples, because that does it for you.

Essentially the idea will be to use an expression for the path, and put the field in there.

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