What is a Workspace in Visual Basic 6 ?

I am having to maintain some Visual Basic 6 code. Unfortunately I have to learn it on the job.
I am seeing a Visual Basic statement that I don't understand. Here is the code:

Dim wsCoyon As Workspace

What is going on here? Can someone help me to understand?
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Dim is used to allocate storage space for a variable, so storage space is being set up for the variable wsCoyon as a workspace for Visual Basic code. I'd really recommend that you find a good book to learn from. I barely remember VB and it's been a couple years away from a college course in VB.net.
It is probably a DAO Workspace, which manages a connection session to a database. There should be a refernce to the Microsoft DAO object library.
brgdotnetcontractorAuthor Commented:
Hi TIm,
any good recommendations on a book. I already have one and it does not talk about work spaces.
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