Droid/Iphone and Exchange 2003 ActiveSync Pros & Cons; Security Risks?

This is a three part question.  I currently have ActiveSync configured on my Exchange 2003 Server with one IPhone and two Droids currently configured to synchronize with Exchange.  My company is looking at replacing 9 blackberries with Droids taking our total to 12 devices and I want to make sure I have a good understanding of how it all works.  Here are the questions:

What are the pros & cons of Droid's synchronizing a user's mailbox via Exchange 2003 ActiveSync?  
How many devices can sync to Exchange before I will see a performance hit?  
What are the security risks involved with ActiveSync connections?
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1. As a user of both PocketPC and now recently both Motorola Droid and HTC Eris phones I can tell you that using the native tools on the Droid to Sync there are a few minor down sides.  The native Exchange interface won't let you accept meeting invitations on the phone.  The native interface also does not support Exchange password pin requirements and does not support remote wipe of email.  The remote wipe feature WILL disable mail access to the server, but any mail already on the the device can still be read.  Purchasing Touchdown for the Droid will overcome all of these cons.  Pros are simply that it is an awesome phone, works well as both a phone and a PDA and has tons of applications.  Although it is less powerful, I prefer the HTC Eris over the Motorola Droid.  The difference between them is just a few things, Droid has a slide out keyboard where Eris has a better on screen keyboard.  Droid has 16GB SD card where Eris has 8GB (but you can upgrade on your own).  Droid has 2 processors, Eris has one.  Droid has a flash, Eris does not.  Droid feels like a brick in your hand, Eris is light weight and has a nicer form factor.

2. Sync and performance really are not related.  It is the same as adding an additional Outlook client.

3. Use an SSL Certificate.  All sync traffic is encrypted.

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DarrinZuroffAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the info!  My main concern is having the ability to wipe the handheld and it sounds like Touchdown will give me the ability to do that, but I have read it is hit or miss on whether or not it will work.  I need something I know will work 100% of the time because if the unit is compromised I can't rely on a 50-50 chance of wiping email.  Are you familiar with Touchdown and how it works?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Activesync has the ability to remotely wipe any connected phone (as long as it is connected to the cellular network).  The Remote Wipe - resets the phone back to factory settings erasing all data.
With Exchange 2003, you have to download the Mobile Admin software to install  this feature, with newer versions, it is built-in.
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DarrinZuroffAuthor Commented:
I already have Mobile Admin running however Android 2.0 on the Droid does not support Active Sync policies from Exchange so the best I can do it block access.  Blocking will prevent new Exchange data from synchronizing but it leaves all existing data on the Droid.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
I would question how good the Droids are if you can't control them via Activesync.  Even the iPhone can be remotely wiped via Exchange.

What features of the Droid make them worthwhile?  Not being anything other than curious.
Droids are supposed to be getting the support for remote wipe and password pins.  We were hoping it could come down with the 2.1 update but that didn't do it.  Touchdown has not given us any problems at my company so I cannot confirm or deny what you are saying about a 50/50 ratio of success.  We only tested it once though, have not had reason to go beyond that.
DarrinZuroffAuthor Commented:
I will give Touchdown a try.  Thanks again for the info!
TouchDown wil wipe the exchange data held on the device, as well as the directories in the sdcard which hold the downloaded attachments.
The only reasons it can fail to wipe on time are the same as other devices/apps
1. You dont have activesync and PUSH enabled
2. You disconnect it from a network, so it cant reach the server to receive the wipe command
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