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copy / insert a binary field to a SQL Server Databaseusing "AddInParameter" in c# with Enterprise Library

  While sync'ing a remote sql table to a local sql table, I have some stored procedures to select the data with a reader, then insert the data into the second local sql server database., everything was going great until I happened upon a table with binary data in it.

I'm using Microsoft Enterprise Library.

DbType.String, DbType.DateTime and DbType.Int32 fields work great
Just not sure how to do binary.  Any examples would be a great help!!!

Here is a code sample:
Debug.WriteLine("Downloading Sec_Permissions");
            remoteCmd = m_remoteDb.GetStoredProcCommand("eVent_Sync_GetPermissionsDetail");
            m_remoteDb.AddInParameter(remoteCmd, "LastUpdated", DbType.DateTime, "01/01/1980"); //ToDo: Put in LastSync'd date here;
            using (IDataReader reader = m_remoteDb.ExecuteReader(remoteCmd))
                while (reader.Read()) //ToDo: put in DbNull Checks for columns 1-3 as well.
                {   //GetString index is order of eVent_Sync_GetPermissionsDetail stored Procedure - 0 based...
                    DbCommand LocalInsUpdCmd = m_localDb.GetStoredProcCommand("eVent_Sec_AddUpdatePermission");
                    m_localDb.AddInParameter(LocalInsUpdCmd, "Permission", DbType.String, reader.GetString(0));
                    m_localDb.AddInParameter(LocalInsUpdCmd, "StringID", DbType.Int32, reader.GetInt32(1));
                    m_localDb.AddInParameter(LocalInsUpdCmd, "Description", DbType.String, reader.GetString(2));
                    //m_localDb.AddInParameter(LocalInsUpdCmd, "MAC", DbType.Binary, (reader[3]== DBNull.Value ? 0x00 : reader.GetBytes(3,0,)));
                    m_localDb.AddInParameter(LocalInsUpdCmd, "MAC", DbType.Binary, null); 
                    m_localDb.AddInParameter(LocalInsUpdCmd, "LastUpdated",DbType.DateTime, (reader[4] == DBNull.Value ? Convert.ToDateTime("01/01/1980") :  reader.GetDateTime(4)));
                    // reader[m_stationPrefs.JournalFieldSearchType] == DBNull.Value ? "" : (String)reader[m_stationPrefs.JournalFieldSearchType]

                    Debug.WriteLine(DLog.Log("eVent_Sec_AddUpdatePermission"), "Sync.Download_Sec_Permissions");

                    int numRecords = m_localDb.ExecuteNonQuery(LocalInsUpdCmd);
                    if (numRecords != 1)
                        throw new System.Data.DataException(numRecords.ToString() + " records inserted-Updated into evnt_Sec_Permissions Table: /n");
                    iInserted = iInserted + numRecords;
                    if ((iInserted % 2) == 0) //only bump counter every other record.
                        sa = new SyncArgs("PermissionRecord", iInserted);
                        //Raise the OnBumpCounter event.
                        OnBumpCounter(this, sa);
                } // while reader.read
            } //using IDataReader

            sa = new SyncArgs("PermissionRecord", iInserted);
            OnBumpCounter(this, sa);

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1 Solution
Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:
Have a look here, let me know if it helps or not.
carl-Author Commented:
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