How to convert Acronis .tib to VMware vmdk and have it startup succesfully?

Hello Experts,
I am new to the virtual game and would like to start a testing environment.
I am using VMware workstation for this and running into a bit of a problem...

We have backups in the Acronis .tib format. The backups are either XP, windows 7 or Server 2003 machines.  Acronis has an option to convert the .tib into a .vmdk which i used.  
The issue is that when I power on the newly created virtual(lets say the windows xp for example), the Windows XP login screen comes up, I login in and then the virtual fusses that the install needs to be re-licensed.  I am not trying to skirt any licensing issues... primarily I just want to know that in case of physical server failure I could convert the latest .tib backup into vmdk(or vhd), start it up and limp along until broken server is fixed.
I have been reading about creating Model VMs that you run Sysprep on and then use for creating VMs in a vm environment.... do I need to somehow run Sysprep on my newly create .tip to V install?

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Have you tried the vCenter Converter Standalone tool? (


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future_hoovesAuthor Commented:
Nope.  Will give it a shot.
Well basically you move windows xp to a new hardware and the activation is triggered.

If you try to move an OEM license you are out of luck, you have to buy a new license if you move the OS.

See my answer on:


Work around would be to use volume licensed editions. A volume licensed windows xp or 2003 has no activation requirement. Not sure how this is handled under windows 7 though.

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future_hoovesAuthor Commented:
"OEM license you are out of luck"
hhhhmmm that may be the issue with the one VM I am trying.
good to know.
Yep, "Tolomir" is correct; if you have an OEM license associated with the physical box, you can't transfer it. BTW...there is good info in the post he provided, as well. :)

If you don't have OEM, you can create VMs from an image & run sysprep, but again you have to have a license for each new one you create.

noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You need volume license from Microsoft to migrate Windows easily to new hardware. Otherwise you violate the license agreement with Microsoft =)
future_hoovesAuthor Commented:
on a related note .... feel free to answer or not....
as I dive into Virtual world it seems for our network I am faced with 2 solutions
VMware ESXi /vmware Go for management
Windows Hyper-v

We are just a small business with 25 employees and about 20 computers/5 servers.

Any thoughts....

Hyper-V is still 'wet behind the ears' so to speak. I'll be honest and say I haven't used it in over a year (I was testing it out in Dec '08), but MS has still been sluggish in rolling out features for it. I think they're about 'there' tho. That being said, I use VMware...both ESX and ESXi. For the size of org you're talking about, my personal recommendation is to go with ESXi. If you want more info, you can post another question on here about specifics you may be looking for and we can assist.

future_hoovesAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Will do once I have educated myself i bit more.
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