WWAN Broadband fallback for SBS2003/Exchange2003 server

Hi Guys,
One of my clients fell foul of that BT building flooding last week and it took 48 hours to get the wired broadband back again. I vowed to investigate a suitable fall back solution for this and other sites. The system is fairly classic SBS2003 with ISA2004 and Exchange 2003 operating SMTP mail only (no POP) Will need SBS2008/Exchange2007 info too.

Without going through the whole considered solution can anyone tell me if its possible to get static IPs allocated to wireless broadband devices. I don't think its posible to setup mail enabled systems using DDNS due to various antispaming technologies these days.

I'm thinking along the lines of two mx records with different distance settings so when the primary fails it falls back to the secondary. Even if the mx record can reference a DDNS record somehow I don't know if email land tolerates a server potentially changing IP address like that.

Any pointers to back ground on this would be helpfull

TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAsked:
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Hi Your best bet is to get a wireless 3G simm with static IP address and a dual WAN port router. Most Dual WAN mode routers can be configured in fail over mode, so you configure your prinamry ISP to be wired and failover  Wireless to save costs as most wireless ISP still limit your monthly data limit to around 10Gb.

Then simply assign MX records to the 2 static IP addrsses.

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Just to add to your query, check this link for wireless static servives and routers

TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi BatchV
Thanks for your post.
So it would appear that wirless 3G is now available with static IPs ???
The last time I looked at this the variosu providers weren't alocated sufficient IPs to allow static alloactions so they were either very expensive or not available.

I believe the Draytech 2820 is a dual WAN port router and has a USB port that can take a USB dongle. I'm aware of the potential tariff problem but this will be for fail over only and rarely used. The question would be could the monthly (unused) fee justify the overall benefit.

From your link article I see that simms are available for 3G static IP, is there a dongle or USB adaptor in which one of these simms could be used ??? Or woudl I be forced to replace the Draytek if it did not support a SIMM directly

Thanks for your time and post.

Hi Trevor

 The Draytek 2820n will do the job and most 3G USB modems will work with it. The 3G USB sticks really only work with PC's or laptops so please check before buying.

regarding costs and justification, you can get a 5Gb download monthly allowance for around £25.00. I think it's a small price to pay to keep your company running. I work as freelance network consultant and highly recommend my clients have dual ISP providers anyway.


TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for prompt reply - apologies for late assignment of points
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