Safe to remove dumprep.exe

I would like to remove the dumprep.exe program from my laptop PC.
The problem is that when internet browsing, I sometimes do not gat any response from a link on a web page (not just one particular page) and the laptop browser freezes.
The task manager indicates that dumprep.exe  processes are running and if I terminate these processes the browser recovers.
I am running Windows XP SP2 and therefore any information from dumprep that might be useful to Microsoft will probably not be used as support for windows XP SP2 is about to cease.
Can I simply delete dumprep.exe without it causing any problems ? Presumably the Kernel runs dumprep when some problem occurs that is of interest to Microsoft and if the program is not on the PC I am concerned that this might cause more problems ?
Can anyone re-asure me that it will be OK to delete dumprep.exe ?
Roger AlcindorAsked:
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You can't remove dumprep.exe. It is a system file and used by Windows, so removing it would be bad. It is used for built in logging of faults in Windows. The dumprep.exe shows because some thing is having an error but dumprep isn't the cause.
Windows Error Reporting Dump Reporting Tool

Creates Dump files for crashed apps, non essential.... Probably though, if you delete it, from %systemroot%\system32, and hit F5, it will return. If so, delete it from %systemroot%\system32\DLLCache as well.....

I would think dwwin.exe would cause you more problems.....
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Plus, instead of deleting the file that is affecting IE performance, you need to fix IE.....

Disable Error Reporting if needed.....

Turning off Error Reporting

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I wouldn't something else is wrong with your browser, dumprep is only generating a report to assist with resolving the issue.  I would reset your browser and then try it.

To reset your browser simply select tools>internet options> select the advanced tab, click the buttons restore advanced settings, and reset.  Apply the settings and then try using your browser.

Also deleting the cookies/temporary internet files will help.  There is a tool to assist with cleaning out your cached files and more.  I use cleanup to do the job and its free:

Cleanup can be found here:

Probably will be better if you update you IE installation, you forgot to mention the version you're using, also you can install another browser like Firefox or Chrome besides what uescomp noted.

If you want to disable dumprerp anyway here the easy way to do it:

Go to control panel, select system, then select advanced tab, next select startup and recovery settings below you'll find System failure settings, uncheck all and below you´ll find a drop down box when you will select none.

Best regards
Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
I disabled Error reporting for iexplore.exe
Thanks for your prompt reply,

NP. You still need to find out why your browser is hosing up though.....
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