I have laptops that connect to the network with a VPN connection.  Can I do this on a blackberry.  All I really want to do is be able to see 1 shared folder on the network.  We have a shared folder that each user maps and then we share files.  
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Hm - some options are listed here: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Storm-BlackBerry-9500/Newbie-VPN-question/m-p/103011 (yes, it is a strange place but it kinda contains a lot of the options in one place)

What is the model of the BB? There are some limited options on some of the models... but you might end up out of luck.
What are you trying to do with the VPN?

Technically the answers are:
- No
- Depends on the model and it is usually not officially declared/supported when it can work at all...

http://cellphones.lovetoknow.com/Can_VPN_Be_Loaded_on_a_BlackBerry is a pretty good article on the why and what now... and on what the real question should be :)

Basically the common way for these is to get the BB to just speak to the BES and than the BES to be allowing the resources from the network (there was an add-on for that but haven't work with it for  a while). It becomes something similar to a proxied connection...
mkramer777Author Commented:
We have 1 user in the company that has a blackberry.  Do not have BES. So you are saying I can do this on a crappy HP ipaq, but not on a BB?
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