Network Attached Scanner - Must be able to scan legal size from the glass

I work for a trucking company - we have multi-form sheets that cannot be fed through an ADF on a scanner.  I am looking for a network attached scanner that will do the following:
-Scan Legal size documents on the glass.
-Have the ability to create .pdf files on a network folder with no client software interaction (preferably using CIFS/SMB, but could be via FTP).
-ability to "build jobs" - there may be multiple pages that should be created into a single pdf file
-abillity to create OCR enabled .pdf files.
-Single "button" programmed with the file destination (should not require user interaction to select network locations, etc).
This will be in a warehouse environement where multiple crews will be responsible for scanning in paperwork at the end of a shift.  There will not be a PC attached to the scanner.
I have researched many scanners that can do legal size documents - but they need to be done through the ADF (automatic Document feeder) - this will not work for us.  It has to be legal from the glass.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  It could be a MFC device.
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Nenad RajsicCommented:
Fujitsu scanners are really good and reliable. i have used them before and apart from ADF functionality you can also create pdf files and access them through http://yourscanner. Most network scanners especially large multifunction copiers/scanners have a built in http server to host your scanned documents. hope that helps
Nenad RajsicCommented:
If you want quality and speed then go with Fujitsu
see some of their network scanners here:

i have tried Canon, Fujitsu and Kodak in the past and Fujitsu is the most reliable make you can get now a days. You have to change rollers from time to time and even that is cheaper than parts for canon scanners
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Amila HendahewaLead ConsultantCommented:
I think those fujitsu scanners do not have a flatbed
Nenad RajsicCommented:
there are plenty of them that do have flatbeds. just look on their website. also some models that are available are not listed on their site. what's displayed is only the latest models. Depending on where you are try (uk and usa) or (uk only). 2 largest online retailers

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Amila HendahewaLead ConsultantCommented:
What I meant was the network scanners. I couldnt find a fujitsu network scanner with a flatbed.
Briguy_572Author Commented:
thanks for your help.
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