Exchange 2007 move mailbox store quick question

I am hoping that someone who has actually done this answers...I am looking to move some mailbox stores around on the exchange 2007 server.  Process is pretty straightforward, but here's my 2 questions.

1 - Assuming the mailboxes on the store are locked during move process, does the user have to be out of the mailbox or will there be any visible impact to the users on that store during the move process?

2- Any estimates on how long to move a store?  For example, 100GB store moving to a different LUN on the same SAN...

Thanks in advance!
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1 - when the mailbox moves, if the client still has Outlook open they will have to restart Outlook.
2 - around 1gb per minute would be a good figure, however don't take that as read.  A lot will depend on the disk subsystem etc.

Move the storage group and it will move the database.  The log files will have to be moved seperately.
1. with newer versions of outlook (2003/2007/2010) the user can be online while the move operation is happening the emails will just be stuck in the outbox and he won't receive new emails in this period, he will be asked to restart outlook once done

2. It really depends on the speed of you hard drives so I can't answer this. I have seen from 4gb/hour to ~15GB/hour

3. No you will need to move each alone as they are not directly related, each can be in a different location
egryllsAuthor Commented:
It is a 4Gig FC SAN connection on the backend.  A colleague suggested expecting a conservative 200Mb/sec transfer rate.
the easiest way is to test :) honestly there is no one answer for this one
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This question has been classified as abandoned and is being closed as part of the Cleanup Program.  See my comment at the end of the question for more details.
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