Power adapter question

I have a Dell Latitude D620 with a -big- power adapter. A few days ago I ordered a Dell Studio computer for my friend, and it came with an extra power adapter (model number LA90PE1-01). My friend doesn't need it so I wanted to check if this adapter can work with my D620. The model numbers on the adapters are different; however the input/output'/watt are all the same. Plus, I saw on a couple of eBay listings that LA90PE1-01 is compatible with D620.


When I check with a Dell chat agent, she told me that if I use it it will damage my computer, and is trying to convince me to buy another one. She's a salesperson so I'm not sure how much I should trust her.  I have no clue how power adapters work so I thought maybe I should ask here...

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You want the volts/watts to be the same. If it is AND the adapter fits, go for it. There's no reason it would damage your laptop, Dell just wants you to buy THEIR stuff for more money.

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oasis0Author Commented:
Hi MaestroDT:

Thanks for your reply. The numbers on my old adapter are

INPUT 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz
OUTPUT 19.5V 4.62A (4.62A)
Efficiency Level IV

The numbers on the new adapter is

INPUT AC 100-240V ~1.5A(1.5A) 50-60Hz
OUTPUT: DC 19.5V(19.5V) 4.62A (4.62A)
Efficiency Level V

So I guess this should be fine? (Not sure if the "efficiency" thing matters)

The adapter does fit.

Should be fine. But please also check the polarity. But I guess it'll be the same since it's the same brandname.
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"Efficiency Level" means nothing to you.  You're going to use this as a free replacement, not counting how many micro-pennies you'll save every day.

Like stranger9002, the only spec you're missing is polarity.  (I assume you already checked if the tip fit).

Polarity is marked with tip and ring on a plug or socket that only has +/-.  Looks like:

- (o +

On proprietary plugs, sometimes there is a pin diagram, like the power supply for the Optiplex GX620 shows every pin.  My HP notebook just shows an outline, with no diagram for the pinout...just a warning that it can only be replaced with part # xxxxx.

it should be fine! like these folks said, just check the polarity but i SERIOUSLY doubt its different since their both dell. Dell actually makes a lot of interchangeable power adapters, they just don't want you to know about, most notably the PA-12 and PA-10 if i recall correctly.

plug it in! it should work!
oasis0Author Commented:

Thank you everyone! :-)

Re aleghart, thanks for letting me know about the polarity. I saw identical diagrams like the one you made on both adapters.

So I went ahead and plug it in - so far so good! Thanks a lot!
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