Is Split Tunneling ACL considered "Interesting" packets?

Is a Split Tunneling ACL considered "interesting" or match packets instead of a permit or deny access-list?
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RPPreacherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If split tunneling is enabled, traffic not matching the ACL goes out the original DGW.  If split tunneling is NOT enabled, traffic not matching the ACL is dropped.
katredrumAuthor Commented:
If split tunneling is not enabled, and the ACL does not permit external ip addresses, will the VPN user not be able to access the Internet?

If there was an entry with permit any any, will this then go out of the new DGW?
Yes and yes.  But if you are thinking about forcing VPN users to use the company internet, I'd advise against it.  Depending on your network structure this can get very hairy.
katredrumAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the clarification and recommendation!
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