How to add a tape drive to an existing amanda backup server

I have an amanda backup server that writes daily backup sets to disk.  I would like to add a new tape changer to the backup system without deleting the existing disk based backups.  How do I do that?

I am running Redhat 5.3 with Amanda 2.6.  The tape changer is an HP G2 1/8 which I have tested with mt and mtx commands.

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The target for the backup can either be a physical tape or a disk directory defined as a virtual tape (vtape). Before Amanda can access either type of target, the volume must be labeled using the Amanda label (amlabel(8)) command.

Mount the tape with compression turned off and the blocksize set to 0 (variable) before labelling the tape. Use Amanda's amlabel(8) command to label the tape. The mt and amlabel commands must be executed as the Amanda user (e.g., amandabackup)

$ mt -f /dev/nst0 compression 0
$ mt -f /dev/nst0 setblk 0
$ amlabel daily Daily-01

Where /dev/nst0 is your "non-rewinding" tape device name. If you have the symlink /dev/tape for your tape device, then the '-f /dev/nst0' may be omitted. If you are using an autoloader, ensure a tape is loaded (see the man page for mtx).

The tape label (Daily-01 in the example), must match the labelstr regular expression specified in the amanda.conf file, or amlabel will return an error.

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