Can't sync with Windows 7 and Laplink Gold 2008

We recently switched to Windows 7 on our desktop and laptop. We bought Laplink Gold 2008 which came with a high speed USB cable. We were told by multiple folks at Laplink that this version works with Windows 7. We have our desktop and laptop on a home LAN, they are set up as a Windows 7 "HomeGroup" so they can share printers, files and folders. We take the laptop on the road with us and in the past, we used prior versions of Laplink to keep our desktop and laptop in sync (when we were XP) which worked but was slow.

Now we have Windows 7 Ultimate, are set up as a HomeGroup on the LAN and have Laplink Gold 2008 and the high speed USB cable (orange color) and are unable to laplink. We've tried unloading the version Laplink shipped to us and then downloading and installing Laplink Gold 2008 from the Laplink site so that we have the newest drivers; we tried turning off Norton 360 on both machines; tried unhooking the laptop from the LAN in case that was causing confusion (we kept the desktop hooked to the LAN). We still can't get the cable to show a connection to the laptop and the desktop. We get a message that no connection was found even when we put the name of the computer into the Laplink Address Book.

When we try laplinking over the LAN, Laplink times out and shuts down after about 20 minutes of showing us the Preview clock that says its gathering data. We successfully sync'd a few very small files over the LAN as a test but when we try to sync large amounts of data, it shuts itself off.

We'd like to use the cable because its supposed to be faster but so far, no success either way. The desktop is brand new, the laptop is 2 years old - I think they are both powerful enough for the task.

Thanks for your help!
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sirenudetteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions. The Briefcase option seems to work if you know what you are going to need while you are on the road. In our case, we need to have a complete copy of our desktop so we continued to try to problem solve Laplink.

We were unable to get Laplink Gold 2008 to work on our Windows 7 computers. We took both computers to our local IT guru and he was able to get the 2 machines to see each other using a Laplink Silver cable. The Gold cable never did get the 2 to see each other.

Then we started the sync program and it started gathering data between the 2 computers - then it just disappeared from the screen. At this point we had spent many hours and dollars trying to troubleshoot the Laplink Gold 2008 software and cable. We made the decision to abandon Laplink and looked online for another software program.

We checked reviews on Cnet, PCWorld, etc.  We bought and installed a little application called GoodSync. It works beautifully and we are very happy with it. It is fast, simple to use, and works very well in Windows 7. Thanks for your time and attention on this issue. In this case, we just had to abandon our preferred software and try something else.
Have you tried disabling the windows firewall?
It seems to interfere with things
Is the laptop an administrator account?
W7 is pretty easy to network just plug and play
Then on the windows 7 go to Network
You should see the networked names here,
go to Network sharing r/click the network icon on the taskbar open network sharing center
Troubleshoot. Let it run a few tests

Change the permissions or check the permissions by r/clicking the Network shortcut on W7
ensure full permissions are enabled for System. Users. Administrators
To modify permissions go to advanced

you'll need to install PCmover I think
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sirenudetteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. Could you give me a little more of your thoughts on why we would need PCMover? We are trying to sync the desktop and the laptop folders and files after taking the laptop into the field. We use Laplink to help prevent version control issues.

If all our permissions are set as Administrators and it still doesn't let us laplink, what do we do then?

thanks for your time
Hi, sorry to keep you waiting, my original line of thinking didnt include the fact you're actually networked on a lan
Check the remote desktop settings is enabled on W7
go to start>All programs>Accessories>Remote desktop connection

r/click the windows 7 my computer>properties>Remote settings>advanced>allow this computer to be controlled remotely set the max amount of time invitations can remain open.
then in the Remote tab select the users/
check the guide please to ensure you are using the right cables for the right purpose since you're not remote but on a lan.
Sounds like the Laplink is not installed correctly or there is a problem with the network and the high speed USB.
Connecting With Laplink Gold 2008
It's possible windows doesnt recognise it since you're using an ethernet cable as well and are on a Lan
How do you have them networked?
Via a router dsl- isdn or other?
On the windows 7  has a full administrator account? and the same with the laptop?

To transfer files between 2 computers regardless desktop or laptop
 I simply use a straight through cable or a Patch cable, or you can use an adapter to convert one end of the cross over

sirenudetteAuthor Commented:
Sorry to be slow in responding. I'm wondering if the Windows 7 Sync Center is a suitable substitution for Laplink Gold 2008? We need a way to synchronize files between the desktop and the laptop - a software program that will compare the files and folders between the 2 machines so that files and folders that have been modified will move and replace older versions of files.
Here's another idea use windows briefcase to sync files
this explains it pretty nicely and matches your situation
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