how do I ignore extra data added on to the url by crystal reports in rails

I have a url in the layout of this example:

so it would look like this normally:

However, crystal reports adds on its own info to the end of it to make it look like this:

How can I ignore everything after the .xml in rails or how can I make crystal reports not do that.

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For any request to a Rails website, the query information after the '?' in the URL is parsed and placed into the 'params' hash variable that is made available to every action in every query.  So to ignore it, simply don't use anything from the 'params' variable in your controller code.  

If you have tried the above and are still having problems, could you elaborate on what's happening?  What problem are you seeing because of the Crystal Reports addition?  Could you include the Rails code that is causing the problem?
None of the links is working...

beefnorthwestAuthor Commented:
I had a piece of code wrong, and thought it was the extras.

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