3Com 4800G aggregation groups and VLANS


I'm configuring a pair of 4800G's for our network core.  I'm using IRF stacking for redundancy, with two fibre connections feeding each edge switch stack, one from each 4800G.

I've created aggregation groups, one for each stack connection, and configured each group as a trunk and added in VLANS as follows (example)

interface bridge-aggregation 1

description ABCD Network

port link-type trunk

port trunk pvid vlan 5

port trunk permit vlan 1 3 4 91 97 98

link-aggregation mode dynamic


My hope was that I would then assign two ports (one from each switch)  into each aggregation group and they would take on the properties of that group ie tagged on the vlans I specified in the above config - indeed I don't see why the system would let you use 'permit vlan' on an aggregation interface if that were not the case.

Is that the case, or will I also have to configure each port before putting it into an aggregation group?  



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markholmes24Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Each port has to be configured to match the settings of the aggregation group before it will become an active member (otehrwise it will just stay in standby)

Once the port is in the group, changes made at the bridge-aggregation group level will be applied to all member ports.

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