CIFS share development for blackberry

im completely new to CIFS but would like to see if it is possible to enable a blackberry device as a file server so that windows could access the blackberry files and folders over wifi.

where do i start, are there any websites or tutorials or msdn resources or similar that describe how to develop a cifs file server on a mobile device? i know this functionality has been developed for Archos devices as i have used an archos media player that can share out its file system over wifi.

i found
is this of any use?
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Blackberry uses OBEX and microSD and you can program only in java ME (SDK on, best with Eclipse), not on system CPU
If you insist on CIFS - JLAN may help or just is too big.
KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
Sorry for being slow, but if I'm not committerd to cifs then are you sayinmg there is a better way toenable the blackberry microsd card to be shared as a windows shared folder/drive (over wifi not usb) ? Thanks for your reply!
I'd try opensync command line client (OBEX) against tcp ports open by blackberry (portscan, like nmap to find port)
Formal description of blackbery indicates it connects to BES, but not vice-versa. Could happen that even if you succeed runing JLAN server it will not be able to listen to the network requests by platform limitations...
MucroSD - you can plug MicroSD card into computer using adapter to SD size. SD is a block device, not some sort of fileserver, it cannot be shared over network.
KristjanLaaneAuthor Commented:
thank you and sorry for the delay in getting back.

i looked up OBEX and it seems to only work over bluetooth not wifi, so it does not seem suitable as end-protocol itself.

so in terms of jlan, as I understand, JLAN is written in Java SE, so my question is would it  be possible to make JLAN work on Blackberry given Blackberry OS supports  Java ME (CLDC with MIDP) and not Java SE directly?

also i know that accessing windows shared folders from blackberry and editing them works in principle, becuase padersyncSMB can do it. the trouble is for our purposes that padersyncSMB is a client for PC, but not a CIFS file server for PC.. So im hoping one way to achieve that is to set up JLAN to run on the actual blackberry device while being mapped to the blackberry file system, so that PC could connect to the blackberry over wifi as a standard network folder share ?

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