Citrix 3.5, updated an application still launches old

Ran an in place upgrade on an application in citrix.  when consoled on the citrix server i launch the app, the new version comes up.

when i create a citrix session it pulls up the old applications.  

I verified the pathing for the application and just dont understand how this is happening.. help :)
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You may want to check the exe for the application in the install location and check the properties to verify the correct version. Also, what if you published cmd.exe for yourself and from withing the cmd window go to the path for the application and run the exe, which version runs, the new upgraded or the old one.
BrentologistAuthor Commented:
So the app had the same EXE name, same path same everything..  when i created a second published app identical to the other it worked.   i have no idea what that was about..
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