IP Video Software to capture time-lapse for a year -- optionally with stitching capability?

We have a large highway overpass about to be constructed in our town.  It is near a communication tower that I have access to and I can mount a camera on the tower and get network access.  I would like to create a time-lapse movie of the construction over the course of  about 1 year.  

Here are my challenges:

1) I'd like to just set the interval and have software capable of positioning the camera and snapping a frame that is added to a video file.  Then, once a week or so I'll just grab the progress to-date and post the file for viewing by interested parties.  I am aware there are post-processing tools for pulling the time-lapse out of continuous video, but it would create gigantic raw files and I'd have to dedicate more time than I'm willing to doing the post-processing.

2) The tower is only about 500 feet from the center of the 1500 foot wide construction zone, so unless I go with a fish-eye lens, I won't be able to capture the entire scene in one frame. (plus I already have a good PTZ camera and would like to avoid buying another)  I've seen discussions about real-time stitching but haven't found any software that can control a PTZ camera to do automated panorama type captures.

Anyone aware of an application or combination of applications that can help me?

Thanks for any ideas!
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Hi, just a stab in the dark for you
The camera will do the recording in whatever format it offers for you to adjust and then upload to the PC
the rest is software and your time.
Here's some ideas for you
in refs to>> I'd like to just set the interval and have software capable of positioning the camera and snapping a frame that is added to a video file.
Possibly this may assist you
PTZ Controller 1.11

With  panarama can be created using software such as
Arcsoft, I have used Arcsoft to create a panaramac image from still shots it can make the still shots like a seamless movie bending the images into a full 100 degree full circle impression
real time stitching
Panoramic Viewfinder uses both
That's a small step
With the time lapse software these are just ideas I have not tried time lapse I simply took the snaps and made them into Panaramic
The camera you wish to use I'd need to look at what it's capabilities are/ if it has panning options remotely, but I dare say they come with very detailed guides or online personal asistance, take a look at these and you decide if you have the right camera
this PTZ has tilt pan and zoom
Time-lapse Demo
HandyAvi® 4.3  
PerioS is a free software designed for creating time-lapse videos using either a USB webcam or internet camera.It saves the acquired images to the specified folder. In the end,you can join the resulted images into a compressed video with adjustable frame rate (5-60 fps)
IT PeopleIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The camera I have in hand and would like to use is an Axis 215.  ( http://www.axis.com/products/cam_215/index.htm )
I will check out the apps that have been suggested...but leave the question open just a little longer to see if I get more input.  Thanks!

Hi shurlbert doesnt look like any other experts are volunteering more data for you.
 lherrou is a real camera expert. But I think since you posted in Multimedia zones he missed it since he lives in the Photographics zone
feel free to ask in this zone if you have further questions, or browse the zones, you are a premium member.

I can just picture it our heads bent together parusing all these documents :P
looking good with that camera... has all you need but does seem to steer more for indoors
Note: Outdoor use requires weather-proof housing.
the rest is software,  but it's not that technical to create panoramic
here's the manuals I'll take a look through them/
(1) I'd like to just set the interval and have software capable of positioning the camera and snapping a frame that is added to a video file.  
The referenced LIVE PAGE is the area to get really familiar with seems to be the main for adjusting all the settings you ask for
Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls
The Live View page also displays the Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls..
this looks good if you select this option in your time lapse it's all done not paneramic but close
Video Stream Types
Motion JPEG
This format uses standard JPEG still images in the video stream. These images are then displayed and updated at a rate sufficient to create a stream that shows constantly updated motion.<<<
more to check out here with extras
Software page
so it looks like software like Quicktime prof will work with this if you want to use high definition to play them
Windows Media player and windows movie maker should work too.
As I mentioned my panasonic Lumix  bundles with the panoramic creator and other software which you could use with the images from the Axis 215
so check out what software comes with your cameras.
There is also Sony Vegas
Regards Merete

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This is worth a look to lighten the knowledgbase on Panoramic photography
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