How to create an SSIS Package

jsuanque used Ask the Experts™
I wanted to learn and create an SSIS package which will run on a scheduled basis. In a nut schell what the package will do (in sequence)...
1.0 Check for date
2.0 Run Procedure 1
3.0 Log Procedure 1 output summary or error/s
4.0 Run Procedure 2
5.0 Log Procedure 2 output summary or error/s
6.0 Run Procedure 3
7.0 Log Procedure 3 output summary or error/s
8.0 Clean Temporary tables created by Procedure 1, 2 & 3.

Can anyone show me where to begin or at least sites where i could learn it from scratch.
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Reza RadConsultant, Trainer

all steps you want can be done by execute sql task,
use execute sql task for each step,
but for first one, you need to check the date, you can do it by script task,

after all , deploy the package, and create a job for scheduling it.

let me know what step you have problem now?


Thanks guys.


Sorry guys, the points should be divided between you two but for some reason i might have accidentally not chosen mutliple solutions.

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