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Citrix Accounts Role for Services and Effect of Changing Passwords

Hi there,

We have just taken owernship of a new site that has a Citrix solution installed.  The system is working without any problems but unfortunately we have not been provided with some of the service account passwords for the environment.  At this point in time, these passwords are not required but in order for our client and for us to sleep a bit easier at night it would be good to know what these accounts do and what the effect might be if we do reset the password to something else so that we know them.

Most of the services that run use either "Local Service" or "Network Service" in order to startup.  There are however three other accounts that are linked to services as follows:

- Service Name: Citrix CPU Utilization Mgmt/CPU Rebalancer
- LogOnAs: .\ctx_cpuuser

- Service Name: Citrix Print Manager Service
- LogOnAs: .\ctx_cpuuser

- Service Name: Citrix Streaming Service
- LogOnAs: .\Ctx_StreamingSvc

- ServiceName: TM1 Admin Server
- LogOnAs: dept\tm1service

- ServiceName: TM1 Server = Planning Sample
- LogOnAs: dept\tm1service

The one of most concern to us is the account named "dept\tm1service".  This is one of our domain accounts and one for which we do not know the password for.

My question(s) are:

1. What role do each of these services and corresponding accounts have in the environment?
2. What will the effect be if we change the password on these accounts, in particular the one titled "tm1service"?

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Here is a list of service accounts and their roles:
 Here are more descriptions as well:
As for tm1service, that's a good question.  Those Service Names don't give me any clues.  Can you open up the properties of those services and see what file (EXE) they point to?  You shouldn't need to change the PW for the Citrix Services.  Those are local and pw is managed local.  As for tm1service, again I'd drill down into the service properties to help further investigate.
peterkennedyAuthor Commented:
Thankyou KrAzY.    I will look into this now and get back to you very soon... :)
peterkennedyAuthor Commented:
Hi again.  Just letting you know that we are still looking into this and I will get some information back to you regarding this very soon. :)
peterkennedyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your assistance KrAzY.  From the links that you have sent us we have been confident enough to make the necessary changes to the account and gain a greater understadning of what these accounts do. :)
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