One Box to host DC and Terminal Server using Hyper V

I know what Hyper V is, but not to familiar on how it is implemented or the licensing requirements. But I'm purchasing a Dell server running Windows Server 2008 Standard R2 with Hyper V and I need this box to perform both the DC and Terminal Services roles. The Terminal Server will only be used by no more than 3 people to access applications remotely while the Domain Controller will be managing 15 workstations.

Could I use the host OS as the DC and create a guest VM to host the Terminal Server role? If so, what are the licensing requirements?
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Well, as far as licencing goes, you get 1 free Windows 2008 Guest OS on a Windows 2008 Host Server. Without buying any additional Windows licenses you may want to make your Host OS your DC and infrastructure Server and have your TS as your Guest. This will allow you to lock down your TS while keeping your users off your DC.
When you are using windows server standard you need to have a license for ever version of server standard that you install. Now if your Dell box has windows server enterprise installed on it  you can have as many virtual windows server on it as you want. this only applies to windows enterprise. You will still need the terminal server client access licenses.
NtegraITAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both for the quick response. After posting this I did some further research into Windows Server 2008 R2 and see that, correct me if I'm wrong, 2008 Standard with Hyper V comes with one guest available.

So, just to verify, if I purchase a box running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with Hyper V, it comes with one guest license allowing me to run one Windows Server 2008 VM on the box. So, I should be able to run that VM and assign it the Terminal Services role at no additional cost except for the Terminal Services licensing?

Yes, you are correct. (Like I explained earlier)
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