Can Map Point 2010 do reverse-geocoding?

Before I buy Map point, I want to know if I can do reverse geocoding with it, at least to the zip code level.  

For example, I have a table with several million lat/long pairs and vehicle id's.  I want to write the .net code to run that table and put a zip code on every record in the table.  I would really like to get the 'closest match' street address if possible.  

I know Google can do it, I started down that road but Google stops my code dead in its tracks at 15,000 records, it's their daily limit.  I want a service or package that will let me run this code until it's done, even it it's a week straight 24/7.
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jimojimoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I've already gone down the road of web services....

What I'm hoping to find out is this:

Given that MS MapPoint 2010 can provide lat/long pairs if given a point on the map, and given that it has all the zip codes stored as well...then is there an api method within MS Mappoint 2010 that will accept a lat/long pair and return the zip code in which that lat/long pair falls.

If anyone can tell me yay or nay that would help greatly.  I've looked at the documentation and it's not jumping out at me but that doesn't mean it's not there as maybe an undocumented feature.


Have you had a look at FindServiceSoap.GetLocationInfo ?

Public Function GetLocationInfo (ByVal location  As LatLong, ByVal dataSourceName As System.String,  ByVal options As GetInfoOptions)  As Location()

The returning Location would be an array.
jimojimoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but isn't that a Web Service?  

I'm looking for something within MapPoint 2010.   I used Google's reverse geocode and it worked well for me but I hit a daily limit of 15,000 queries and they wanted  $10,000 to allow me to go over that limit--I've got to assume Microsoft is not giving this service away.  I've already purchased MapPoint 2010, it's a sunk cost.

So imagine I'm in a building with one pc and no internet  connection whatsoever.   Not even a Lan.  I have MapPoint 2010 installed and my database with the table full of lat/long pairs on that PC.

With that setup, can I, using Mappoint's OLE interface, fetch the zipcodes for this set of data.
No internet, no lan, not even any windows in the building.

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Honestly, i'm not sure.
I've personally not used MapPoint.
My suggestion would be to try the link i provided.
Test it with the ethernet cable disconnected.
You could also check the API with an object browser.

Obviously there are Lat/Long type, just search for them.
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