how to integrate wordpress with a (website developed using coldfusion and sql server)

how to integrate wordpress with a (website developed using coldfusion and sql server)
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Wordpress runs completely separately from the existing site. Simply install Wordpress in a subdirectory of the main site (assuming the server supports PHP and MySQL) and it will stay completely in its subdirectory and will work perfectly. It is not difficult to theme wordpress the same as your current CF site so it looks similar. You may need to edit the Wordpress settings so its links are all Wordpress related and use the "page Links to" plugin to link to the other "internal" site from Wordpress menu items.

If your server does not support PHP MySQL, use a subdomain and set it up as two sites with the Wordpress site on another host but have them linking between them so the end user thinks the site is the same.

I had Wordpress nested in a Joomla site at one stage with no issues. I wanted the power of Joomla for the site and the ease of Wordpress for the blog. There was no problems.

sohairzaki2005Author Commented:
-From where to download PHP. I found some binary format. I am not familar with php.
which one to download
-I have coldfusion 9, windows server 2008 is my web server operating system, SQL server 2008 is my database for my site. Will there be any conflict between SQL server and mysql
-Also concerning downloading mysql I found a file but It had no setup.exe file.

Thanks again

PHP on Windows with IIS is a little bit fiddly but not impossible,
Here is the simplest and MS recommended way to set up PHP on IIS, it is a new faster and more stable way of doing it than the old ISAPI way (which works fine by the way but is harder to set up, see .

MySQL will not interfere with SQL Server at all, they will happily co-exist as long as you have a reasonable amount of RAM. Download the MSI version to have a simple installation, 32 bit will run on any Windows server but if you have a 64 bit Windows, use 64bit MySQL for best performance. Make sure you choose a root password that you will remember.

Once the server is ready for PHP and MySQL is installed, you can create a database and user for Wordpress (if using internally or for development I just use the ROOT account but dont do this in production), using the admin tools or command line (the MySQL console, not the windows command prompt). You can install PHPMyAdmin if you like, it is a web based PHP admin tool for MySQL which is pretty good but the install is not the easiest.

Drop the entire Wordpress installation file folder tree into a subdirectory on the web site it will run under. Make sure that web site can run PHP (Win2008 doesnt automatically turn on everything that IIS can do), and make sure the default documents include index.php. Browse to the folder and the Wordpress setup will be ready to go. Make sure your user has write permissions to the root of the Wordpress installation or you have to manually add the config file after it is created. Point it to the MySQL database (localhost, database name you set up, username and password you have already set up with permissions to the database) and it takes a couple of seconds to configure the database and write the config file. It generates a random admin password for you then you are up and running.

Good Luck.

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sohairzaki2005Author Commented:
Thanks a lot
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