Accessing Sharepoint Services 3.0 documents from within Outlook Web Access 2007

In OWA, there is a button on the bottom left that says "Documents" when you hover over it.

When I click on it I go to the top left and choose "Open Location". I want to connect to document shares that are contained within Sharepoint Services 3.0 from within OWA. It says that,
For security reasons, Outlook Web Access is configured to prevent access to this type of document or folder. For more information, contact technical support for your organization.

My question is, how can I configure OWA inside Exchange to allow users to access documents from within Sharepoint Services 3.0 that is within or organization (it's actually on the same switch that Exchange is on inside our company, same subnet and everything).

Thanks for direction on this.
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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a great place for you to start.
This functionality is available with Exchange 2007.
BryceRichertAuthor Commented:
Is there a way of configuring this with using the Exchange 2007 user interface and not the poweshell?
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