Can I tranfer contacts from one ve20 to another ve20

I have a Motorola ve20.  The front cracked, it is being replaced under insurance.  I have received the new phone and charged it.  Activating the new ve20 is easy enough, but I want to transfer my contacts from the old phone to the new one.  I have the micro-usb cable adapter to connect them to my computer.  Somehow I thought this would be easy at this point, sync the old phone to Outlook, then connect the new phone and sync Outlook to the phone.  

Now I get into some research, and all I can seem to find is that I can sync the phone to Outlook (2007 by the way), but I cannot then sync Outlook contacts back to the new phone.  It appears the contact data transfer is only one way - the phone to Outlook.  Now, I can take both phones into a Sprint store and have them do it, but truthfully I'd rather just do it myself than drive 45 minutes to the closest store, then wait while they do the transfer.  

Anyone out there with possibilities that will let me just transfer the contacts myself?  Or am I just going to have to deal with a trip to the store?

As always, thanks for your input.

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michkoAuthor Commented:
I should add - pc OS is Win 7 (Home Edition) with Outlook 2007.  I could also go through my Ubuntu box and Evolution, if that is more feasible.
In order to transfer your phonebook you should be able to  use Bluetooth and Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) software package. You will need latest fresh version of MPT 5 to do that. Good thing is that MPT just works right out of the box, without any setup needed.

MPT base functionality is to work with your contacts, calendar and make backups.

MPT also allows file transfer for your pictures, audio (MP3) and video files. So now I can use my phone as a player and camera.

For file transfers thru bluetooth you can use Windows supplied services. It works for any file types (audio, video, pictures). Just don't expect that your Java games will be visible in the phone itself. You can still transfer them if you desire so.

There is another, open source alternative for organizing contacts and calendar - BitPim. At the time I write this (january 2009) only beta version ( worked partially with VE20.

Caution: you will need MicroUSB cable in order for BitPim and P2KCommander to work. Bluetooth won't do. I've seen multihead standard USB cable in the stores which supports standard, miniUSB A, miniUSB B and microUSB connectivity.

Search Motorola website for USB drivers. My USB drivers came with MPT. But they should be available for free somewhere. Motorola keeps changing their site, but here is URL:

When you connect USB cable to phone and your computer, make sure your phone is open, you will be presented with 3 modes on your phone, select "Data Modem".

After that launch BitPim and set it up. Here is screenshot with BitPim settings.

... ....

You can do some backup of your contacts, but that's about it. BitPim cannot read filesystem on this phone. Bummer.

So next I tried my proven Motorola Midlet Manager (MotoMidMan) tool to upload Java games into this J2ME phone. It didn't work out of the box. There is a faint hope that replacing "p2kapi2.dll" with the latest version might help.

In order to do fun stuff with Motorola phones there is a package called P2KCommander. I used v5.0.8. - look for latest version - sponsor - homepage - forum

Here is screenshot with its settings. Now I'm able to see some innards of this VE20 beast. BREW directory doesn't give much hope. BREW considered unbreakable. BREW provides signature method for applications, so that they can work only on one phone, making the applications untransferable, unreusable etc.

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