Automated XSD / XML Field Mapping to Db Schema

Hi Experts,

I have an XSD file with 7 root elements that can validate 7 types of XML files.

I need to import these XML files into a Db, then export out to one of the 7 XML files again.

I am looking for best practice, with least maintenance for Mapping the XML fields to the Db.
My thinking is to get a list of the XML Fields that will be used from the XSD and add them to a table in the DB tblFieldmappings, with 2 columns --> XMLField and SQLField

Some options I have thought up:
Manual (least wanted choice)
- I can import/export each of the 7 types of XML file easily by just manually going through the fields and grabbing / putting values into /from my Db tables

Part Auto
Use XMLSpy or similar to create 7 dummy XML files and iterate through the XML fields via XML Dom creating a list of fields and their XPath.

Most likely way?
Part Auto
I can iterate through the XSD root elements and go off and find there "complex types" or "attributeGroup" references to get my list of fields and their Xpath.

I really just want to know if this is the best way to deal with a potential variable XSD file and if anyone has Option 3 written in or
Craig LambieAsked:
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