RDP fails to redirect printers

I have a terminal server 2008. I have some, but not all XP clients that are unable to redirect printers. Some XP clients with the same printers work fine. These are network printers (2 different printers neither redirect) using a tcp/ip as a port. I have installed the drivers on the server and doubled checked all terminal server setting. I have also run Microsoft Fix 50180.  It appears to be a client rather than a server issue. Any ideas?
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Alex AppletonConnect With a Mentor Business Technology AnalystCommented:
You should try and utilize TS Easy Print with 2008 as much as possible.  You may in fact be doing this and your XP systems may not be working correctly with the Easy Print driver.  Make sure your XP systems have the .NET 3.5 Framework update and the XPS Document Writer installed locally.  

Also enable the policy 'Use Terminal Services Easy Print printer driver first' on your terminal server
Located here:
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Terminal Server\Printer Redirection
Do all the printers on these clients work ok when not logged in to the terminal server?
I assume the redirect printer option is checked in the RDPcllient?
darracsgrAuthor Commented:
.NET 3.5 did the trick, thanks
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