OWA display problem after applying patch KB924334

Good evening!

We've recently started to implement windows 7 on any new machines we purchase. Problem is that our webmail hosted with MS exchange 2003 (sp2) has issues with a combination of windows 7/vista and IE7 or 8. We were unable to compose emails before, as it would simply appear with a red x. where your text editing field was supposed to be.

I applied KB924334 hotfix on one of our front end servers (we have two) in order to test it. Of course, the result was that we could finally see the text editing field, provided the new S/MIME was downloaded and installed. However, IE would then instantly crash when you attempted to send an email. The recommendation from another website was to apply kb924334 on the back end server as well. Immediately after this was done, OWA now appears with graphical glitches. The buttons aren't functional, both in basic and premium mode.

I mentioned earlier that we had two front end servers. The second one I hadn't touched, and it seems to work perfectly fine, only because I moved the latest exchweb folder version from the back end server to it. The same attempt to the defective front end server didn't bare the same results, sadly.

I've also tried restarting the app pools in IIS management, as well as the IIS service itself and its dependencies. None of this of course, has worked.

What I find odd is that this all started when I installed kb924334 on the back end server, while an installation of the same hotfix did nothing when installed on the front end server only.

As a result of all this, I've removed the hotfix on both servers and all is well. Google doesn't have much on this issue except that the reason windows7/vista with ie 7/8 doesn't work for my current setting is because DHTML is no longer used for OWA.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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Check the Build Version of "C:\Program Files\Exchsvr\Exchweb " of both FE and BE, also make sure that Either both FE and BE should have same build numbers or FE can have higher than BE.
Hi Jghhit,

The problem isn't because MS removed DHTML. It's because it extracted the funtionality contained in the dhtmled.ocx file from being an Active X control to being an IFrame. I believe all you need to do is install the update Kb911829 on both your back-end and front-end Exchange servers, and your problem should be resolved.



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Shreedhar EtteCommented:

Run SBS 2003 Best Practise Analyser and fix the errors reported.

Also Run Exchange 2003 Best Practise Analyse and fix the errors reported.

Hope this helps,
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jqhhitAuthor Commented:

I tried that. All three servers (both FE and the one BE) have the latest version 6.5.7651.60 in the exchweb folder.


That may help. I'll have to try either tonight or this weekend depending on my schedule. Thanks.


I'll probably have to if the above mentioned KB doesn't work.
Is it possible for you to share the latest IIS Log file so that we can analyze.....
jqhhitAuthor Commented:
Problem solved!

KB911829 fixed the red "X" issue. I installed it on one of the FE servers, then the BE. Strangely enough, the FE server on which the KB was installed on made OWA mess up again, while the other FE server (one that didn't have the KB installed) was fine. Including the ability to see the email body text field again.

However, the messed up OWA display ended up being a permissions issue with the latest folder (6.5.7651.60) in exchweb. The security properties didn't have "inherited permissions" enabled and therefore wasn't accessible to users other than administrators.

Thanks for the help!
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