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On my Joomla site I would like to display a video in a module position. This video player should play a video (flv file) that I upload myself using the Joomla file manager and not an online link like Youtube etc.

Which Joomla extension may do this for me?

Also how could I increase the upload file limit in Joomla's file manager?

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In php.ini (create if it doesn't exist) add
upload_max_filesize = 1000M ;
post_max_size = 2000M ;
memory_limit = 191M

Your mileage may vary on syntax and upper limits. If syntax is wrong for your server you'll get a 500 error, delete the file and ask the host how to achieve the equivalent.

Place in administrator directory.

In global config, system, media settings, set maximum size in bytes to 0 (zero)

Under Help, Joomla info, PHP Information check that upload_max_filesize etc from above is as set above.

Install all videos reloaded
Somewhere in the download is mod_avreloaded for hosting a video in a module.
Also install the plugin that adds a button "AVR Media" in your editor and module.
Set the plugin "Local video folder" to videos
Set the audio folder to audio
Via ftp or some other mechanism create images/stories/videos and images/stories/audio
(Avoiding the http upload limits completely....): Use ftp to upload your video to images/stories/videos.
Create the video module, use the avr button, click Local, choose the uploaded video and publish.

Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertCommented:
badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Hi AddyWatson,

thanks. But, does this work in the modules? This looks like a plugin to me which means it can be placed anywhere withing an article.
Do you know how I could put it in a module?

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Avinash ZalaWeb ExpertCommented:
Any special reason to place in module?


Use this module for youtube video list in your site i hope this is help full for you

badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Yes that depends on the design of the site.
badwolfffAuthor Commented:
Thanks for such a detailed reply joomla_php
Is there any video module extension that has expand-to-full-screen option too?
I don't see this option in this case.
Or am I mistaken?

thanks in advance
badwolfffAuthor Commented:
I found the fullscreen button
it was in the plugin settnigs
thanks a bunch
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