Xlsx to DBF

I want to convert a xlsx to dbf with COM technology (office automation) on a system which has Office 2003, not 2007. The process has to be invisible to the user. It can be assumed that the user has the compatibility pack installed.

I will use the solution in Foxpro, but a solution of the xls/xlsx problem in vb is ok.

Can this be accomplished?
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Visual Foxpro Code:

xlsxFileName = GETFILE( "Excel Files:XLSX" )

oxl = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
if vartype(oxl) != "O"
  * could not instantiate Excel object
  return .F.

* make excel visible during development
*oxl.visible = .T.

* open the workbook
oxl.SheetsInNewWorkBook = 1
oWorkbook = oxl.Workbooks.Open(xlsxFileName)

* save as DBF (i use here DBASE 3 compatible DBF)
oWorkbook.SaveAs( "blablabla.dbf", 8 )
* use 11 instead of 8 for DBASE 4 compatibility

release oxl
krhagAuthor Commented:
The problem is that the suggested solution works only if Excel 2007 is installed - my scenario is that I want to use office automation on a xlsx with only Office 2003 installed.
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The solution I propose seems to suggest that Office 2007 does not need to be installed.

•Does not require Office 2007
•Can append from xls, xlsx, xlsm, and xlsb file formats
•Can create and copy to xls, xlsx, xlsm, and xlsb file formats
•Supports all Excel tables (worksheets, ranges, and printable regions)
•Allows target worksheet columns and table fields to be specified
•Allows header row in worksheet to have spaces in the names of the columns by enclosing them in standard brackets, for instance [My Column #1]
•Provides support for SQL Where clause or VFP For clause expressions
•Is super fast
•Probably does a few other things I'm not thinking of right now :)

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What i suggested will work if Office 2003 is installed, and you stated in your first post compatibility pack is installed, so xlsx is automatically opened by 2003.
On the other hand, in my opinion, the solution provided by Mike, which has been developed by the venerable Craig Boyd, is the best solution ever for your problem.
krhagAuthor Commented:
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