powerbuilder dropdown datawindow with editing capabilities

I am using a dropdown datawindow which allows editing. When i am editing a correct value in it everything works fine. (i am using this datawindow to select a bank. bank_descr appears and bank_code is returned to the program ). However when i am giving a bank code that does not exist in the dropdown list i am not receiving any error indication. i know that i can check the whole situation thru itemchanged event. Is it possible to do it with some other way?
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diasroshanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Datawindow 'Column Specification' has Validation Expression and Validation Message.

See if u can work around it.

basilhs_sAuthor Commented:
dropdown datawindow has a retrieve method which is something like select bank_code, bank_descr from fbank.Is it possible to create a validation rule which will do the job?
basilhs_sAuthor Commented:
thanks very much
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