Xenserver not connecting to iSCSI Buffalo Terastation

Hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to Xenserver and iSCSI. I have a Buffalo Terastation which has iSCSI configured with a 100GB array. I can connect to this in windows which works fine. When i try to add it to our Xenserver pool via Xen Centre, I get the following error:

Scanning for LVM over iSCSI on <ip address>;
No Such Device Found
Check your settings and try again.

The steps I followed are:
Storage > New Storage Repository > iSCSI and next
I set the target host to the correct IP address of the terastation.

All authentication is turned off.

I hit Discover IQNs (which works) and then Discover LUNs, which returns the correct LUN.

I then press finish, xen centre says Scanning for LVM over iSCSI on <ip address>; and then drops with the error above.

I've been researching and play with this all day and I'm totally baffled. I'm sure it must be a XenServer issue as I can connect and use the iSCSI in Windows. The Buffalo even reports taht the XenServer has connected when I discover the IQNs and LUNs.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

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HeadAche1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Nope, we changed a load of settings in the advanced properites of the LUN which eventually cured it! Thanks for the suggestion though.
Is there already a filesystem on the array?  Xen Server wants to take over the WHOLE LUN and create an LVM storage repository.  If there is already a filesystem (say NTFS), it will not be able to create a new LVM layout to use.  It must have a raw disk.
What a useless answer....
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