Exchange ActiveSync returned an HTTP 500 response.

I know there are plenty of solutions to active sync out there on the web, and I think I have tried 90% of them, but I just can't get Active Sync working.  I'm using which gives me the error "Exchange ActiveSync returned an HTTP 500 response"  I have gone through MS recommendations found at and many others.  Active sync was working fine on this server.  It's an SBS 2003 serverSP2 with Exchange SP2.  It stopped working after it was hosted in a VM environment.  IP addresses have changed for the server (internal and External) but the SSL is still correct and I have changed IIS Default Web server from (All Unassigned) to the internal IPs and back again testing both settings.
I have also enabled and disabled forms based authentication and disabled again testing between changed after resetting IIS.

Any one out there able to help?

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saku99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked the directory security settings in IIS for IP address for:


Under Default Web Sites bring up properties for above, then Directory security tab and click edit in IP address and domain name restrictions. In there make sure you have your new internal IP address of the server and not the old one.
dcleaverAuthor Commented:
Hi Saku99.

What a star.  The problem was exchange-oma IP address was still set to the old server.  I have spent hours and hours on this.  Why didn't I ak the question earlier :-)
Thank you so much!
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